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Joanna's Florist
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wedding ceremony flowers, floral cake decorations,
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Wedding Party Flowers - by Joanna's Florist

No matter how big or small your wedding party is, we’ve got just the thing to help everyone look their best. See our selection of boutonnieres, corsages and more. We’ll make sure every member of your wedding party looks impeccable. To arrange an appointment, call us or fill out our consultation form today!
White Ice Rose Boutonniere [TF161-2B]
Hand-Tied White Roses Nosegay [TF166-2B]
Violet Spectrum Nosegay [TF167-5B]

Fragrant All-White Bouquet [TF171-1B]
Daydream Believer's Nosegay [TF166-3B]
Bridal Bouquet [tw27-3]

Bridesmaid Bouquet [tw33-2]
Bridal Bouquet [tw04-1]
Bridesmaid Bouquet [tw39-3]
Bountiful White Roses Nosegay [TF171-2B]

Lush and Lovely Roses Nosegay [TF171-3B]
Bridesmaid Bouquet [tw35-1]

Eye Candy Nosegay [TF166-5B]
Bridesmaid Bouquet [tw48-3]
Blushing Blossoms Nosegay [TF171-4B]
Carnation and Berries Boutonniere [TF174-2B]

Pink on Pink Bouquet [TF172-1B]
Bridesmaid Bouquet [tw33-3]

Bridal Bouquet [tw22-2]
Peach Promise Boutonniere [TF168-1B]
Stephanotis Boutonniere [TF168-4B]
White Stock Boutonniere [TF168-5B]

White Lisianthus Boutonniere [TF168-6B]
Chartreuse Chrysanthemum Boutonniere [TF169-2B]
Pink Alstroemeria Boutonniere [TF169-5B]
Green Hydrangea Boutonniere [TF169-6B]

Mixed Foliage Boutonniere [TF169-7B]
Rolled Gypsophila Boutonniere [TF169-8B]
White Rose and Ivy Boutonniere [TF169-9B]
3 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-3B]

5 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-4B]
7 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-5B]
Red-Hot Roses Boutonniere [TF161-6B]
Red-Hot Roses Wristlet [TF161-7B]

Purple Paradise Wristlet [TF161-9B]
Songs of the Heart Wristlet [TF162-1B]
Mixed Whites Wristlet [TF162-2B]
Lavender Roses Wristlet [TF162-3B]

Spring Sensation Wristlet [TF162-4B]
Purple Passion Wristlet [TF162-5B]
White Orchid and Roses Wristlet [TF162-6B]
Pink Orchid Wristlet [TF162-7B]

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